Return From Witch Mountain

Well, I haven't actually been to Which Mountain, but that was one of my most favorite movies when I was growing up! My dad used to take us to the drive in movies and that was one of the series that I loved to go and see! {My favorite was Escape to Witch Mountain.} Today, when I was thinking of writing a new blog post for my re-entry in to the blogging world, that movie kept creeping into my mind!

So, this week my friend Laura from Where the Magic Happens Teaching and I were chatting about how I needed to get back into blogging and I was complaining about my blog design and how my fonts weren't working anymore and that I wasn't sure how to get started. I was full of excuses about why I couldn't get started so the conversation ended. Two days later she tags me in a post on Facebook, because our friend Carla from Comprehension Connections was starting up a new blog design business. {I know right ... that was perfect timing!} Well next thing I new, Carla and I were chatting and she began designing and here I am blogging again.

This evening I pulled out my writer's notebook and began planting some seeds for my future posts. I have a few about guided reading that I already have mapped out so come back soon to check out how my writing seeds bloom into new blog posts.

Happy Reading,


  1. That was one of my favorite movies as a kid too. Loved it. I think I read those books multiple times too.

    1. YES!!! The books were great! I read them before seeing the movie and if course read them multiple times after seeing them.