About Me

Welcome to my "spot"! I am excited that you stopped by.

My name is Marie and I am the teacher author/blogger of My Literacy Spot. I created My Literacy Spot because I love sharing my knowledge and teaching ideas with other teachers. My goal is to create resources and posts that intentionally help other teachers develop a better understanding of the reading and writing processes. I primarily create resources for grades K-3 literacy, however, every once in a while I will also post about and create resources for other content area and grade levels.

My education background is as follows:
  • Undergrad: East Carolina University, 1992 / elementary education
  • Master Degree: East Carolina University, 2008 / reading education
  • Post Graduate School: UNC-W, 10 hours course work, 2002 / Literacy Coach certification
  • Post Graduate School: UNC-W, 20 hours course work, 2009 / Reading Recovery and Literacy Leadership certification
Although I am now finished with "going to school", I consider myself to be a life long learner and my eyes are always in new professional books. I love learning new things and relearning things I have already been practicing. 

I am a 2nd grade teacher with 25 years experience {I am currently in my 26th year}. My experiences include kindergarten through 4th grade classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, and K-5 literacy coach at the school level. I was also a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader and K-5 Literacy Specialist at the county office level. I was at the county office for 6 years, and although I loved working with teachers across the county and sharing resources, and helping them develop a deeper understanding of the reading and writing processes, I missed teaching my own students. So, in the 2016-17 school year I returned to the classroom and I have enjoyed every minute of it {well, at least the teaching portions of it lol}.

Thanks again for stopping by... stay tuned and join me on this journey as I develop new resources and posts about literacy.


  1. Marie! I am so glad to see you here! Your corner of the internet is beautiful, I cannot wait to read all of your blog posts!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for all the encouragement that you always give me! You are a fabulous friend and literacy expert!!