Diving In To The Teacher Blogger World

Welcome to my blog … The Literacy Spot!! I am excited to join the 21st century of teaching … blogging! I look forward to sharing my reflections, ponderings and filling you in about my professional reading and professional development sessions I deliver and attend … oh, and sharing the literacy activities I use when modeling in other teachers’ classrooms!

I am in my twenty-third year of teaching. I have taught first through fourth grade and Reading Recovery. I was a literacy coach for a k-2 school and I am currently a literacy specialist for the county I work in, for K-2 classroom teachers and Title 1 teachers in Eastern North Carolina. I love teaching literacy and integrating reading and writing in to the content area. I love working with beginning teachers and empowering them with an I can do this attitude during their first years of teaching. I love reading professional books and journals and staying current with literacy teaching.

The Literacy Spot … the title of this blog spot …was inspired by my blogging and teaching friend over at Where the Magic Happens … We have had endless “literacy discussions” that led me to thinking differently about how to share resources with teachers outside of the district I work in. We discussed literacy standards, shared ideas and even talked about plans for future TpT projects and professional development sessions.

I am happy to have a “spot” to share my thinking and reflections about literacy teaching and learning, to share resources and professional books about literacy and to share ideas about classroom literacy teaching. My goal is to post something… even if it is just a picture or quick thought … each week. Come back often to The Literacy Spot and see what I am blogging about. Follow me on Facebook too!!

I have also opened up a a TpTstore … do a little bunny hop and hop... hop ... hop on over to my spot on TpT and check out my free products!!

Happy Easter,


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! ❤️👍🍷

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